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A hysterical and sobering look at a gay, Jewish middle-aged couple trying to salvage their hideous relationship in therapy hell.

"The best comedy series I've seen in years!!!"


A bickering gay couple who can't stand each other but can't afford to get divorced.
The "boys" attempt to salvage their hideous relationship in therapy hell.
It's a hysterical, touching, psychotic exploration of love, crashing to bits
like cheap china from the Olive Garden.
It's also a celebration of diversity, Little People, Transsexuals,
Asians, Latin X, Blacks, Whites, Jews, Closet Cases & a fluid dog.

Film Festivals SMOTHERED has appeared in:
Cinema Diverse, Hip Hop Film Festival, Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, ARFF Barcelona International Film Festival, Queen Palm International Film Festival, Queer X from REVRY.
Also both Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara were nominated for Best Actor and best digital series for the Queertly Awards and on the list to be nominated for Outstanding Actors & Series for the Emmy Awards.
In addition to the Honorable Mention as Best Comedy Series from the ARFF Barcelona Film Festival.


The Native Society

"The comedy team of Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara is breaking all records for the lol indie Comedy series SMOTHERED."

Lapalme Magazine

"An In depth interview with Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara on their hit comedy series "Smothered" on Amazon."

LRM Online

"LRM Online’s Gig Patta spoke with actors Jason Stuart and Mitch Hara in creating and starring in the web series. We discussed the origination of the show, writing the scripts, having guest stars, and the future of the series."

Search My Trash

"An Interview with John Stuart and Mitch Hara, Creators and Stars of Smothered."

Broadway World

"After rave reviews on Amazon, SMOTHERED has created such a buzz it's on everyone's, "The Series To Watch" list, including Daily Xtra, Queertly & iHeartRadio.
Now REVRY makes SMOTHERED available on Apple TV, Samsung, Android TV, ROKU, FIRE TV and global platforms!"

Albuquerque Journal

"We started to write it out,” Stuart says. “Then it all came flowing. We knew there would be improv, and it works for us because we know where each other is going."

Search My Trash

"Having been in a relationship for either 14 or 22 years (depending on which one of them you ask), whatever Ralph (Jason Stuart) and Randy (Mitch Hara) once felt for one another has gone into hiding, and the romance has long escaped their life together."

iHeart Radio

"Comedian, actor and star of the Amazon Prime series Smothered calls in to talk about his work, his new book and what it was like being gay and Jewish when he first started out.
About 15 minutes in, his co-star, comedian Mitch Hara joins in on the fun. These guys are hysterical! That takes up the first half of the show."


"Anybody could mistake Jason Stuart and Mitch Hara for a longtime married couple.
The two have an immediate rapport, a rapid-fire banter between them that lends itself toward completing each other’s thoughts, or spontaneous bickering. No wonder, then, that the pair decided to actually play a married couple in the new digital series Smothered."

The Jam

"This new show, SMOTHERED, doing pretty well huh."

Daily Xtra

"Amazon recently debuted an offbeat romantic comedy series titled Smothered about a gay, Jewish middle-aged couple who hate each other but can’t afford to get divorced. The comedy series highlights the occasional bliss, humour and love in the otherwise dysfunctional relationship."


"As written & performed by series creators Mitch Hara and Jason Stuart, Smothered captures the misery and mystery of long-term coupling, and of couples aging together. It’s a very funny look at domesticity gone horribly–and hilariously–sideways."


"With everything that’s happening in the world right now “Smothered” brings much needed comedic relief with a thirty-minute binge session of seven, five-minute episodes of outrageous, irreverent & laugh out loud bliss."

Broadway World

"With everything thats happening in the world now, we need a little laughter..."

Blog Talk Radio

"Left of Str8 Show 8-5-2020: Jason Stuart and Mitch Hara with Scott Fullerton"

Robert Christian Show

"Jason Stuart & Mitch Hara are at it again on The Robert Christian Show! And OMG! He is soooo crazy and nuts! BUT its sooo funny!"

Drop the Subject with Ally Johnson

"Mitch Hara and Jason Stuart Join Aly and James on Drop The Subject to talk about their amazon series Smothered; a hilarious new comedy of a gay couple navigating their way through couples therapy."

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